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Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is an 85 minutes long music library consisting of 27 tracks in different genres and moods. The album is designed to be used in cyberpunk themed games, movies and other mediums.

Total Duration: 85 Minutes, Release Date: April 07, 2021, File Format: Lossless WAV, WAV Bit Depth: 32Bit Float, Bitrate: 450kbps

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Redshift 7

Redshift 7 is a music library that consists of 27 tracks in different genres and moods varying from ambient to electronic, action to discovery and designed for space themed games and other mediums. The album contains of 27 tracks in total. 7 tracks out of these 20 tracks are loopable.

Total Album Duration: 73 Minutes, File Format: Lossless WAV, WAV Bit Depth: 32Bit Float, Bitrate: 450kbps

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Royalty Free Soundtrack Collection

A completely free music library consisting of over 190 tracks in different genres varying from ambient to rock. Yes, all of these tracks are free! Attribution is still required!

Total Album Duration: Over 3 Hours, File Format: Lossless WAV, WAV Bit Depth: 32Bit Float, Bitrate: 450kbps

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Hi! I'm One Man Symphony and I am the person behind the project called Royalty Free Soundtrack Collection. My goal is to create a completely free music library where other creators can use the songs in the library in anyway they want without worrying about if they're going to get a copyright strike on their channel. Why I'm doing this is a few years ago I've been testing out some scenes in Unity Engine, and become aware of how the scene was lacking of high quality CC licensed music, especially if you were looking for other than 8-bit music for your project. It was relatively easy to find 8bit themed songs, but if you wanted to have something in higher quality and more variant, unfortunately most of the CC libraries out there are not packed with great sounding recordings. So I thought to myself, why would a creative person need go through such process when they can purely focus on what they wanna create? They could spend this time to invest in their original project but here they are searching for a quality song just to test their scenes! So I saw this abyss in the scene and wanted to change that. That's why I have released over 180 tracks under the CC license and made it available for anyone for free even for commercial uses.

I still need to bring money to the table to take care of my family, so I still produce paid libraries. By buying them you could prevent me from becoming a starving artist. In this section, I will answer the mostly asked questions about my Royalty Free Albums. If you can not find an answer to your question or just want to chit-chat, you can always contact me! Let's cut it short and start answering those questions!

Where Can I Download These Albums?

The albums are available on Bandcamp, Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Store at the moment.

On Which Platforms I Can Listen To The Songs?

You can listen to all of my royalty free songs on Youtube, Bandcamp and Spotify. (Not all of the songs are available on Spotify.)

Can I use your songs in my game/film/documentary/Twitch & Youtube streams?

Yes. If you're using the songs from Royalty Free Soundtrack Collection you need to provide an appropriate credit. If you're using any songs from the paid albums no attribution is neccessary.

How Can I Provide An Attribution To You?

An example would be: [Song Title] - Composed by One Man Symphony -

Can I Download The Songs Individually?

At the moment I only offer full album downloads.

Are the songs in Royalty Free Soundtrack Collection Really Free?

Yes. They're all free to download and use.

What License These Project Are Under?

All of the albums I released are licensed under CC BY 4.0. You can check the details about it by following this Creative Commons license link. If I need to simplfy it, you can do whatever you want with these songs. The examples: You can use them in your game and ship your game with these tracks in the game. Your product can be fully commercial. You can stream them on your Twitch channel. You can use them in your personal and commercial movies. You can remix and build material upon them. The only restriction is you can not sell these tracks directly or indirectly without my authorisation and can not claim these songs are produced by you.

Can I Sing Over Your Music and Release It On Spotify & Youtube?

As long as you provide a credit, yes. I'd love to hear what you guys would come up with.

Can These Songs Be Used In Game Jams?

Lots of people are already doing this and yes, you can.

Do You Do Commission Work?

I do! Use the contact form and let's talk about it!

Do You Have a Patreon Page and Why?

Yes, you can support me on Patreon for only $3 a month. I need funding to keep investing in more instruments and equipments to capture better quality sounding tracks.