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Frequently Asked Questions

━ What's the delivery time?

One-song packages are delivered within 7 days. A single sound effect is delivered within 3 days. If multiple sound effects were ordered, the delivery time might extend, depending the on the work. Multiple-songs packages are delivered within 1 month.* (*If the quantity is greater than 5 songs, delivery time will be dependent on the genre, amount of the tracks, instruments that needed to be recorded, etc. Please send an email to the following address to discuss the details: music@onemansymphony.com)

━ Do you provide revisions?

I offer 3 free revision requests per song/sound effect. After that additional fees may apply. Please be aware that a revision request does not mean re-writing, composing and producing the whole piece from scratch. Even though I might accept doing major overhauls in rare cases, generally revision requests include minor changes such as editing a short section of the song, overhauls on some melodies, BPM changes, instrument replacements, etc therefore while placing the order, please provide as much information as possible both in written and recorded contexts. The information that'll be needed from beforehand is listed below.

━ What kind of information will I need to provide when placing the order?

The essential informations that'll be needed from you are a rough description of what your project is about (e.g. "I'm a Twitch streamer and I want to have a song that'll be played as a chat background music"), in which medium the song(s) will be used in (e.g. video game, stream, youtube video, etc), at least one reference track (Youtube and Spotify links are fine), theme/mood/pace information (war, epic, fast paced, etc). You can also provide information on specific things such as BPM, instruments that you want to be used in the track, etc but they are not essential.

━ How can I place the order/contact you? How are the payments made?

To place an order, you can follow one of the listed methods: (1) Placing The Order Through Patreon: Visit patreon.com/onemansymphony On the right side of the screen, you'll see a tier called "Support One Man Symphony's Music" as listed with $9.99 tag. Click on the join button. It'll ask you how much you want to donate. Enter the amount for the song you want me to record for you (e.g. ($400) One song, up to 3 minutes long, any genre, mixed and mastered). A short time after, the amount that you entered in will be deducted from your account. Then you can cancel your subscription. Now you can send me a message on Patreon to provide the essential informations about your projects or wait for me to contact you. This is my preferred payment method since the second one might take a while to be processed. (2) Make The Payment via Direct Deposit: You'll need to send me an email first for this method so I can send you the payment details such as IBAN, name of the bank, etc. To learn more about this method and for any other questions, please send me an email at music@onemansymphony.com (Your questions will be answered in 3 business days at the latest.)

━ Do you charge upfront, 50% in advance or after the delivery?

Payments are charged upfront.

━ Will I have the ownership of the songs that I will order?

Yes. Your songs will be exclusive to your projects and you can do whatever you want with them after delivery. Please be aware that some parts of the songs might appear in my portfolio videos.

━ Do I need to give credit to you?

A credit is not neccessary but is always a welcome gesture.

━ If I order a soundtrack that will have a lot of songs in it, do you provide discounts?

In some cases I do but it completely depends on the scope of the project and how detailed the end-product will be.

━ Do you do free samples/demos?

No, I do not do free samples or demos. I consider my portfolio and the songs I've released throughout the years enough to represent my skills and production abilities.

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